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Why Developers Hate Direct Client Interaction?

One of the main problems during our switch to agile web development is the move in client communication from project managers straightly to developers. In a nimble environment, the developer talks directly to the clients regularly, working with them as just other members of the office team. We have realized that it can be a challenging task for developers who are accustomed to working in a waterfall process.

The developer becomes overwhelmed and unorganized by the thought that requirements occur when they directly interact with the client. On one hand, Developers are offended by clients, as they are not contented with some component.

On the other hand, clients are offended by the developer because the developers seem to be neglecting their requirements. The manager provides an objective communication channel between the both that may become heated under pressure.

Some Unknown Reasons Behind Not Interacting With Clients

It has been seen that sometimes the project manager wants to relinquish control to the developer; it is easy to do so. But, if the Project manager on the call, the developer may feel that the manager has seniority, it is not appropriate to speak up, and thus the developer will silent.

Many reasons are encompassing organizational, cultural, and personal that stop developers from speaking up.

Why Developers Hate Direct Client Interaction?

How Can Developers Overcome This Problem And Begin Interacting With Clients?

  • Remember that you are going to represent your company or organization
  • Make assurances, not promises.
  • Never afraid to get technical, but understand your client's needs.
  • Always be ready for meetings.


We hope you have got the answer to your question, why developers hate direct client interaction. Well, it is not a new thing because many novices feel nervous when talking to any client. But think once if you become a project manager or senior, how you would lead the team.

It is not a big deal to understand the client's requirement. Just read this blog post and revise the instructions, which would help you become confident and ready to talk to anyone, especially clients.

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