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We are known to be a leading Customization ERP Service in India, delivering custom-made solutions to your digital and business needs. Our enthusiastic in-house development team ensures that no steps are left behind while developing your software. Our software development cycle goes through several processes, including gathering data, designing, developing, deploying, maintaining, and testing. We also listen to your business requirements so that every process advantage turns into an engaging experience.

Technologies we use
Coustmized ERP
customized ERP software service USA
Customized ERP app & software
Coustmized ERP App
What you get from Meghsundar?

Complete Ownership

Our personalized software development ensures you have all the tools you need. Thus, you do need to buy annual licenses and deal with bloatware from ready-made solutions.

Innovation & Flexibility

Our ERP solutions are crafted by a seasoned squad of experts who blend industry norms with innovative solutions. We bring in such products which are sure to go beyond your expectations.

Competitive Advantage

Our dedicated team are well aware of building the perfect digital product for your industry, specific business, and niche market. This peculiar infusion needs detailed services that other firms may provide.

Technology Independence

We never upsell you on particular software packages or other personalized web development services. Instead, we focus on your project and use the stack grouping to overcome your challenges.


Personalized Enterprise Application Development

Using cutting-edge technologies and development tools, our skilled developers provide a wide range of enterprise app development services such as custom web application development, ERP & CRM development, mobile app development, e-commerce solutions, cloud computing solutions, and so on.

SaaS Application Solutions

We specialize in providing SaaS applications that are both user-friendly and interactive, utilizing the latest web technologies. This allows our clients to implement these solutions into their business with ease, resulting in a more efficient and effective workflow.

Ecommerce Application Development

We offer a complete suite of eCommerce development services, from website design and development to shopping cart integration and payment gateway integration. We also offer customization and theme development services to help you create an online store that is in line with your brand identity.

Legacy Application Modernization

Our team of experts can help you with various processes such as application re-platforming, re-hosting, and app refactoring to ensure that your applications are using the latest technology stack and are able to take advantage of cloud computing capabilities.

Third-Party Integration

We leave an additional option for integration if you want to use it in the future or need refurbishing for current models. We empower you to have full possession of every project and product we complete.

24x7 Support

LOur ERP customization solutions cover the full range of customer needs, from modernization to integrations to migration and a 24x7 excellent customer support facility. You matter to us!

Industry We Serve

Coustmized ERP App


customized ERP app & software


odoo CRM solution


customized ERP app services


Customized ERP app & software


customized ERP software service


Coustmized ERP


Coustmized ERP App


customized ERP app & software


customized ERP software service USA


customized ERP app services


Customization ERP Service in India



In fact, our entire team ensures you a trusted, adaptable, and transparent bond that leads to intelligent solutions. Meghsundar starts with your personalized software development project by using enthralled processes for customizing user experiences and building potent applications.

Tailored Software For Emerging Business Needs

We deliver Custom ERP Software solutions for the unique challenges and requirements of your business. Meghsundar secures custom apps and builds intuitive to spruce up the user experience.

In-Depth Analysis

From maintaining applications to user training and in-depth analysis, we recommend what technologies to invest in, what technical structure to pick and how to attain the precise level of data protection.

UX/UI Design For Driving User Experience

Good software design undoubtedly contributes to increased user satisfaction. Hence, the entire team at Meghsundar executes UX research to align the overall experience with user needs and your goals.

Well-Architected Solutions

We take pragmatic approaches into account for software design and architecture. It enables us to make well-informed decisions.

Understanding Particular Business Goals

We discuss your short-term and long-term vision in depth. We understand your objectives, existing software, and ensure the success of project finally.

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The term “custom ERP software" refers to the creation of a software application or tool that is specifically designed to meet the needs of a specific client or business. Unlike off-the-shelf software applications, which are typically created to address the needs of a broad range of users, custom software is developed with a particular company or user in mind.
For example, an airline might develop custom flight planning software to optimize its routes and schedule aircraft more efficiently. Similarly, a bank might use custom banking software to track customer account data and transactions.

Yes, we ensure that you don’t face any problems and execute the business smoothly and efficiently. You just need to schedule a meeting as per your comfort with us.

We can't answer exactly. For this, you will have to consult us. We are interested in the concept of evolutionary architecture.

It is difficult to answer this question. It depends on your definite business needs. Just call us or drop an email so that we can contact you as soon as possible and discuss further.